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At Greenhouse salon on  Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


Hey Guys,

Let me start by introducing myself! 

Most people know me as Ro, But my full name is Ro Lohan de Leeuw, A Dutchie who has been living and commuting between Germany and the Netherlands. 

It's not that easy to describe yourself in a few words, because in my opinion, there’s much more to a person than the obvious.


Overall, my work experience has always been related to fashion and hair, as I’ve been living in Berlin and The Hague for the past few years I've been focussing mostly on my work as a freelance “online” stylist for various companies such as Zalando and Jamie J and being a hairstylist. 

For hair, my main focus is to create beautiful hairstyles and colors, long flowy hair makes my creative head work in full force. Hair needs to fit your personality and elevate your look. It's all about looking sun-kissed!


I love a beautiful aesthetic as much as feeding my brain with new concepts,
And by traveling for my job I’m able to enjoy both. Hair and clothing are a way to express yourself. Whether this is with the basics or natural colors or collectors items and statement hairstyles. As long as you feel comfortable and confident than that’s all that matters.

As to what procedures to book with me, definitely blondes, foil highlights, balayage,
but also natural colors and flowy hairstyles and making you shine like you the queen you are on
the inside.

If you would like more information or book an appointment please feel free to call

or whatsapp to : +31702230010

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